Legend of Zelda Monsters

A while ago I started a small project where I was doing illustrations for each of the monsters from the original Legend of Zelda game. I’m making the first wave of illustrations available to purchase over on my Etsy store.

Each piece is a framed, signed original, ready to hang an prettify your home.

Available to purchase are the Tektites, Ghilni, Armos and River Zora and each costs $250 plus postage. Once these are sold, I’ll release the second wave of monsters!


3 thoughts on “Legend of Zelda Monsters

  1. You probably don’t remember me from uni but I’ve been a long time lurker on your site…keep it up….Have you checked out the google.com banner today? 11.1.12….I call plagiarism!….on their part.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I remember a couple of Chris’ from uni days, but I’m not sure which one you are!
    Are you currently doing any arts work?

    That google image is gorgeous, I love cut aways and isometrics. So tasty.

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