Bits in Multiples of 8

An upcoming video game art zine has been put together by the incredible Jimmy Giegerich, whose stomach churning, pus seeping illustrations I’m sure you’re all familiar with. There are over 60 artists contributing, including Zac Gorman, Kali Ciesmier, Sam Bosma .

This book is going to celebrate the “Battle of the Bits”, when game systems (mostly) came on cartridges, and school yard boasts were made over bits. 8, 16, 32, 64.

If you’d like to essentially preorder a copy of the book, and check out some samples of the art that’s going to be in it, head over to the kickstarter page that’s now running. The funding target was hit in the first 24 hrs, so I’m sure there’ll be more goodies added to the pile soon. Get in there folk!


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