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In preparing for the upcoming exhibition of 8 Bit Dreams illustrations at Light Grey Art Lab, I felt inspired to knock out a few more illustrations. This one features the star of Anita Sarkeesian’s hypothetical game The Legend of the Last Princess.

I’m a big fan of Sarkeesian’s work, and you can see the Princess excerpt from her larger Tropes Vs Women series below.


7 thoughts on “legend of the last princess

  1. It looks good don’t get me wrong, but I have only one problem with the character, by Anita’s own logic in her own college essay, she wouldn’t be a strong female character because she is only doing the same thing a man is doing, AKA a man with boobs. ^_^

    Still good work of art, can you do one of the 11 doctors?

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Bren, I think a Princess using her own agency to drive narrative makes for a strong female character. There is room for a lot of different female characters in our fiction, from those that subvert our expectations by adopting more traditional masculine roles, to those that are successful and powerful within classically feminine positions.

    I think George R.R. Martin demonstrates this fantastically in Game of Thrones.

    One of the Doctors? How about two?

  3. No I completely agree with that, one problem, the character Anita is pitching is a complete Mary Sue, can’t do wrong, is always perfect. No weaknesses, all characters have a weakness or vice or something that is flawed, she is pitching a flawless one.,

  4. Her pitch is pretty short and leaves a lot to the viewers imagination.
    It’s essentially “imagine if you played a game where the princess rescued herself”.

    A simple, high concept idea that is appealing to a lot of people, and not a gameplay mechanic we’ve seen used very often.

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