Home Time Friday

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Late again due to me being in transit for the last few days. Planes from Florence to Miami, Miami to Mexico City, Mexico City to Oaxaca. You can follow my international arts adventures on my instagram feed here. I keep it updated with all sorts of sketches and everyday photos that often don’t make it on to this site.

Home Time keeps rolling along, with the terrifyingly amazing prospect of a whole lot of hot chips.

You can read the whole page through here.

I remember $2 worth of chips being a lot when I was in primary school, the amount that they wind up with here is mind melting.

As much as I love fish and chips, I am always filled with major regret after eating them. Like my stomach is filled with a lead weight of grease and fat (which it essentially is). There’s a perfect window of consumption though, when the chips are still steaming hot and crispy, and the sauce is cool and sweet, and they make a perfect balance in your mouth. A few minutes later, the chips are all soggy and stale tasting. It’s a fine line.


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