apples and axes

Here’s a painting that I did for the last Milk Tooth exhibition that was held at free range gallery. It’s a precursor to the New Perth exhibition, I was playing around with the colours, shapes and imagery that was to feature heavily in the show.

The Milk Tooth exhibitions have their origins at Edith Cowan University where I studied. It was customary for the 2nd year fine arts students to host a fund raiser for the 3rd year students graduating exhibition. The thinking was that the 3rd years had enough to worry about without the extra hassle of fund raising, and then, when it was your turn to graduate, the favor would be returned. This fund raiser would take the form of the A4 exhibitions, where each artist would produce a work (or two) on an A4 sized surface and each work would be priced at $100.

Our graduate year kept doing a similar project after leaving university. The exhibitions were titled Milk Tooth, and have been help most years. It’s a fantastic opportunity to keep in touch with people who we studied with and see how their work and lives are progressing.