artist talks

Last wednesday was the final artist talk at free range gallery, featuring Adrian Baldsing and Dom Trimboli.

I was lucky enough to have attended university with Adrian, so am pretty familiar with his work. He is a multi-discipline artist who draws strongly from architectural forms and the lasting impression that the September 11 attacks have left on our world.

In his talk, he spoke candidly about his latest exhibition at These Days gallery, his working process and how he blends contemporary street art, white wall gallery ideology, terrorism, 60’s/70’s counterculture, Basquiat and the Raft of the Meduesa.

I am less familiar with Dom’s work, he is a recent free range member, architect, lecturer at UWA and assists in the production of many sculptural works produced in Perth. Dom discussed his thoughts on the positioning of good design within lower economic levels, the recent construction of a house from discarded showroom kitchenettes and how technology is encouraging organic forms to reemerge in architecture.

Once again, Liz has done an amazing job of tying together the practices of two of our in house artists.

On an organisational front, the talks went smoothly and were quite easy to pull together, with eager artists and guests offering up their time. Next year, in October we’ll run the talks again and hopefully open it up to a wider range of artists who have exhibited with us during the year and let the public attend.