Toy Library Mural

Last year I completed a mural for the Mt Lawley Toy Library.
The library is staffed entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers that keep it running. It’s a wonderful resource, especially for parents with young children who outgrow their toys quickly. The library also has a great range of ridiculously expensive toys, which one would never actually buy for their own child, but are gorgeous to have access to.

This was one of the first exterior murals I’d done, and there was a pretty steep learning curve. One of the biggest challenges was negotiating the wall surface. As you can probably see, it’s heavily undulating and very rough. Probably not ideal to learn on. Then, the weather at the time was high 30’s in direct sun, so I was pretty hot and agitated for most of the painting.

I did all the line work with paint pens that are manufactured for exterior use. So I assume they have a level of colour fastness that exceeds regular pens. They worked fairly well, but I tore through the tips of them at a ridiculous speed. Obviously this was in part because of the rough surface I was working on. Thankfully you can get replacement tips that just slide in and out.

Lots of learning to be done, lots of fun to be had.


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