For all the isometric illustrations I do, I don’t actually use graphed paper all that much.
This is really silly, as it makes things a hell of a lot easier. The sketch is from a picture book that I’m currently doing a layout for.

I’ve been working on Home Time a lot recently, but it’s a ridiculously all consuming. A couple of publishers have expressed interest in it, but they want to read the first couple of chapters before they can commit to it. While this is totally fair enough, it’s also a metric ton of work. That’s about 100 pages of fully illustrated comics material.

However, I can write short 16 page picture books, sketch up layouts and send them off for consideration in the mean time.

I kind of feel like I just need to get started, to get going, to get moving somewhere. Everything is sort of floating in limbo right now.


2 thoughts on “Isometrics

  1. If you’re making art, that’s progress, not limbo! You’re essentially building an asset, even if it doesn’t have the distribution model signed to it yet.

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