An ongoing list of missing items.
Obviously, with each day we realise more and more things are gone. Click through to read.

3x IT luggage, blue cases and red
Large black suitcase
2x Mariachi Suits for children
2x Large hand embroidered, Mexican bed spreads with animals on them
6x Hand embroidered, Mexican pillow cases
Anniel derby shoes, grey suede with silver stars
Anniel derby shoes, white glitter
5x Men’s shirts by Andrea Palombini
4x Pairs of men’s dress pants from Zara
Italian, brown leather dress shoes
El Naturalista, black women’s boots
Italian leather hand bag, cream and honey
Assorted children’s clothes from Zara
A black swallow tail men’s jacket
2x Pairs of Black Milk leggings
Converse all star high tops, grey
Lengths of white, wedding bunting from Mexico
Turquoise, suede sandals
Leather turquoise and Mexican textile bag
Black Mimco handbag
Dark grey men’s blazer from Zara
Black, Ovate Valhalla women’s hoodie
Black, flocked Melissa high heels
Brown, El Naturalista sandals
Life size, plaster sculpture of a puppy
Red soft toy of a horse
A children’s monkey back pack
Alebrije seahorse sculpture
3x Alebrije animal musicians
Wooden children’s sword
35x hand carved, tiny wooden dogs
16x tubes of oil paint
10x oil paint brushes
2x pads of A3 size watercolour paper
A moleskine sketchbook full of drawings
3x children’s sketchbooks full of drawings
2x children’s dress up hats
6x Mexican girls dresses
Italian quill pens
Kodak mini polaroid camera
2x hand stitched Mexican women’s tops
Hand stitched women’s poncho
2x Havier Servin, Mexican pottery tea sets
20x beaded Mexican, key rings and necklaces
A hand painted reproduction of The Decameron by Waterhouse
9x Mexican paper works
A bag of various coloured wools for felting
A set of felting tools
Green, brown and cream striped skirt
Pevonia skin products
Green, children’s frog back pack
A large assortment of art books, brochures and gallery guides from Florence and Oaxaca
2x Mexican crocodile toys
Turquoise and silver beaded Wild Horses necklace
Monoprice drawing tablet
Xoloescuincle soft toy
Lulu Lemon yoga matt
Yoga pants
Yoga tops
Watercolour paints
Watercolour brushes
Hand carved, Italian wooden dragon toy
Mexican aprons
A wardrobe of men’s clothes
A wardrobe of women’s clothes
A wardrobe of 4 year old boy’s clothes


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