home sweet home

Get in to the Western Australian Museum and check out the fantastic arts project Home Sweet Home that is from the arts group Subject to Change and is running as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. People are invited to buy a plot of land to develop their property on it, it might be a shop, apartment block, terraced house, whatever. Create a community, pull together at the notice board, send letters through the internal post, request songs on the local, live radio station. How would YOU re-imagine Perth? More arts spaces? More live music venues? Smaller compact housing with greater native reserves? Make it happen! Get in there.

This project is so gorgeous and inspiring. My family have created a boat house and are currently constructing a light house to help guide ships in the night. Maybe a marina next? Perhaps we’ll construct a jetty for refugee boats to dock at. What about a light rail system that connects the suburbs to the town? There are so many possibilities…

This project has taken place in many other locations previously, L.A., Edinborough, London and Japan. You can see some of the previous installations on their website here where there are photos and videos from the events. The above photo is from a the Perth Museum facebook page, while the photo below is of the boat house my family and I created.