ring a ring a rosie

This was an illustration that I did for the New Perth exhibition but I decided to leave out of the show, I couldn’t quite figure out how to make it work within the installation as a whole. I still quite like it though.
(click to embiggen, the line work is really fine and looks a bit fuzzy at smaller sizes)


2 thoughts on “ring a ring a rosie

  1. This has a real Goya etching feel.. that dreamlike space for roleplay, as well as that quality of line. Although your work disorientates space, it kind of flattens/bends, it gives me a sense of vertigo… an uneasy feeling. Very cool Campbell. Sian

  2. Thanks Sian, I really like works that flatten out perspective in the way you described. Makes the eye/mind recalibrate the space they’re viewing.
    Hope the vertigo isn’t too bad looking at it, I don’t want to make people sick.

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